• My DIY Plumbing Success!

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    Our bathroom drain has been clogged for about a year. We have been pouring gallons of Drain-o (and money) down the drain. I tried to remove the drain stopper (the little thingy that goes up and down) but couldn’t. Recently, the clog got so bad that it would take hours for the sink to drain. Gross! We figured it was time to call the plumber. But before we spent any more money I decided to go all-out and try to fix it myself. I spent this afternoon reading plumbing websites. Considering my massive New Year’s hang-over, it didn’t really ruin my day.

    I tried several approaches and after a few hours – SUCCESS!!! The drain is clog-free! And it didn’t cost us a cent to fix it. Now I just have to clean up the giant mess I made pulling everything out from under the sink. I’m super proud of myself because this wasn’t something I initially thought I could do.

    Have you ever saved money by DIY’ing a home repair?


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