• Does Recession Equal Romance?

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    Usually when I receive press releases I just ignore them; deleting them would be too much work. But, when I saw the title New Survey Finds Couples Site Recession for Boost in Romance, I had to bite. While I’m not going to regurgitate the whole thing here, I’ll grab some highlights and put our commentary in as well.

    According to AreYouRomantic.com’s Romance in a Recession poll:

    • 69 percent of people were satisfied with their relationship over the past year despite economic concerns
    • One out of three people feel that financial constraints have brought them and their partner closer together

    I’d have to agree with this. Our finances, while far from perfect, are definitely something that we’ve had to come together to work through. By sticking together, we’ve put ourselves in much better financial position than we were in 3 years ago, especially during these tough economic times.

    • Nearly 20 percent of people feel that their sex lives have improved as a result of the economy
    • Over half of all couples are spending more quality time together due to financial constraints
    • 43 percent agree that they are spending more intimate time together

    Hey, sex is free, right? What better thing can you do to kill 2 minute’s an hour’s worth of time that’s free?

    • 60 percent of people agree that financial limitations have not led to increased conflict
    • 34 percent of respondents claim that over the past year, they haven’t argued with their partner about finances

    We’re no strangers to arguing about money. In fact, I think that a little arguing about money is a good thing, as it forces everyone to be brutally honest. Most of the time we keep things pretty civil.

    What about you? Has the current economic climate affected your relationships in any way? Let us know!

    You can see the full press release here, and the official blog post here. Please be aware that AreYouRomantic is sponsored by a travel company, so feel free to take everything with a grain of salt.


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