• Weathering The Economic Crisis: Bolstering Our Resumes

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    We both currently have good jobs, but there have been some frightening indicators that these jobs may be in jeopardy in the future. We already have heard that similar firms to the ones where we work are not hiring right now, which means that if we were to lose our jobs, it would be very difficult to find a new job quickly, and the competition for any openings would be stiff. In light of this we have created a plan to bolster our resumes to improve our employability. Of course, this can’t hurt even if our current jobs stay safe. An improved resume will look great during an annual review too! So here’s what we’re doing:

    Bolstering Her’s Resume:
    I work in a field where it is possible to obtain a professional license, although I have not yet done so. I recently started working aggressively toward obtaining a license. I also researched the certifications available in my field, and chose one to pursue. To obtain this certification I will have to learn some new things that will actually help me in my current work. I hope to be the first in my office to obtain this certification, which will show my employer that I am dedicated. It’s a win-win.

    Bolstering Him’s Resume:
    Him’s employer is currently offering to reimburse certain educational costs, although this benefit could be eliminated in the future. Him has decided to take advantage of this reimbursement and is taking a class that will eventually lead to a certification in Him’s field. Some of the other employees in Him’s office are also working toward this certification and this will make him competitive with his peers. These classes also help Him network with industry leaders, which could provide Him with job leads if he is laid off.

    Are you bolstering your resume as a defense against the recession?


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