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    We really like credit unions (hey, they give us pie) but because of travel it is more economical for us to bank with a national chain. It was to our surprise that during the summer of 2007 we were approached by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) to be authors on a blog they were starting. We never made an annoucement about it because we were unsure of how it would all play out.

    Well, fast forward 18 months to today, and we couldn’t be happier with our relationship with them. The blog we write for, MoneyMix, is syndicated among the CUNA member’s websites (the link goes to the blog that is hosted on a credit union’s website in Indiana). The blog is aimed towards 18 to 30 year old individuals who are starting out their adult financial lives or who want to get a better grip on their finances.

    The topics we write about are varied: investing, insurance, housing, driving, borrowing, earning, and spending. We have written over 100 posts (hey, that’s 20% of the posts here) for that blog on these topics. Each week another post is submitted to them and published according to their schedule.

    Of course we don’t do this for free. However, in the grand scheme of things, the money we make from doing this isn’t all that much. But when looking at it from an hourly wage perspective, we make out like a bandit. It’s not just about the money though – we both enjoy writing about finances and welcome the opportunities that this gig may present to us.

    In the upcoming months we’ll highlight our posts from the MoneyMix blog. We hope you enjoy.


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