• Here Boston, Take My Money

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    After we visited some family this past holiday weekend, we went to Boston for a few days to visit some friends and do some sightseeing. We just purchased a new GPS prior to the trip and scored a great deal on a rental car.

    Just like in any other city, the GPS didn’t work so well under the canopy of skyscrapers. On three different occasions, we found ourselves on the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90W) because we took the wrong ramp (stupid Boston streets). In order to get back to downtown Boston, we had to drive about 3 miles to the first exit.

    Did I mention that the Massachusetts Turnpike is a toll road? Each time we exited to our turnaround point we had to pay a toll of $1.25.

    Here’s $3.75, Boston, to pay for our idiot tax.


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