• What to Do if You Can’t Afford to Attend A Wedding

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    The economy is in a slump, and wedding attendance is seriously hurting. Traditionally, brides planned on 10% to 20% of their guests declining the invitation. Today that the average is more like 40% to 60%. It can be sad for a bride and groom not to have their friends and family in attendance, so what can you do if you’re one of those guests who has to decline because you can’t afford to attend?

    • Send your R.s.v.p. as soon as you know you can’t attend. This allows the couple to possibly invite someone else who didn’t fit into the original list, or to make arrangements with their vendors for a reduced price.
    • Tell the real reason why you can’t attend. Saying, “I really wish I could come, but finances don’t permit me to travel right now” is a lot kinder than lying, “I can’t come, I’m going to a flea market that weekend.” (yes, this was a response we received)
    • Send a card before the wedding. In it you can mention that you are sad to miss the big day, but that you’ll be thinking of them and wishing them well. There’s no need to include a gift, just the kind thought is plenty.
    • Send an email the day before the wedding, wishing them luck and sunshine. This shows that you remembered the day.
    • After the wedding, ask if you can see their photos or video. It shows you care and genuinely wish you could have been there.

    Have you used any of these tips when you couldn’t attend a wedding? Has anyone done these things when they couldn’t attend your wedding? Let us know!


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