• Tips For Changing Your Name in Chicago

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    Changing your name due to marriage is tedious, but you can limit your frustration by doing things in the correct order and bringing the proper documentation with you. Here are some things I have learned from the process this fall.

    Start at the City Clerk. You’ll need multiple official copies of your marriage certificate. You’ll also want to make photocopies of the marriage certificate, since you’ll be sending copies to lots of institutions.

    Next stop, Social Security office. You’ll need your official marriage certificate and social security card, plus identification. You’ll have to wait about two weeks to receive your new social security card in the mail.

    While you’re waiting for your social security card, change your name on credit cards, magazine subscriptions, professional organizations, etc. These places usually only need a copy of your marriage certificate.

    Once you get your new social security card, head to the DMV. Bring your marriage license, driver’s license, state ID, car title, and registration. They’ll issue you a new registration and license on the spot, but you’ll have to wait for your car title to come in the mail.

    You’ll also want to take your new social security card to your Human Resources department, where they will change your name on your paycheck and tax forms. They will also notify any employee benefits providers such as insurers or banks.

    Once you have your new driver’s license or state ID, head to your primary bank where you have your checking account. They’ll issue you new checks, debit cards, etc. It may take a few weeks to receive your new documents int he mail.

    Once your name has been changed at your primary bank, change your name at any additional bank accounts that are linked to your primary account (such as retirement accounts, online banks, etc.). You may need to mail them a voided check bearing your new name.

    After you or your employer has notified your insurance provider and you have received your new insurance card, call your health care providers and change your name in their records. That will prevent the insurer from rejecting future claims due to your name not matching.

    Do you have any tips for breezing through a name change?


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