• Do NOT Subscribe Me to That Service!!!

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    Due to my recent marriage and subsequent name change, I have spent the last several weeks calling financial institutions to change my name on my accounts. The new credit cards have been piling up in my mailbox and today I dedicated an hour to calling to activate all the new cards. Previously when I have activated a credit card, I have been badgered to sign up for unnecessary “services” such as credit protection or account monitoring. I always, always decline. So you can imagine my surprise when two card companies automatically signed me up for these services without even asking! They included notice of this in their canned, rushed legal-speak. “As a courtesy to you we have automatically registered you to receive our credit monitoring service free for the next fifteen days blah blah blah.” It was thrown in there so subtly that I almost missed it! I cut the representative off and demanded they not subscribe me to anything. Both times the representative continued on, telling me I was already signed up and could call to cancel in fifteen days. I was furious! I ended up shouting “Do NOT Subscribe Me to That Service!!!” twice before they agreed not to sign me up. What a scam! Watch out for this, since it happened at two different companies I assume this is the new trend. Don’t let them bully you into thinking you already agreed to something you didn’t.


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