• We’re Going On Our Honeymoon and Not Writing for the Blog

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    The title says it all. We’ll be out of town for the next few weeks enjoying life and each other. In the meantime, we’ve lined up some very capable bloggers to fill in for us.

    Hannah heads up Monogamoney, a blog about money and marriage (mostly money). Her and her husband are figuring out this personal finance stuff, and are realizing that it’s more than just crunching the numbers.

    The Writer is a fellow Chicagoan who writes the blog The Writer’s Coin. He’s a recently married writer (duh) who has a pretty unique spin on finances, from political aspects, to literature references, to entrepreneurship. He also blogs writes the financial aspects of blogging, which is pretty cool to see since he’s just started off.

    Laura writes at Green Panda Treehouse, a self-proclaimed personal finance blog for college students and recent graduates. She’s married and somewhat newly transplanted – two circumstances that lend themselves to many sticky money situations.

    We are excited to have a few guest posts from these bloggers, so stay tuned! We’ll be back in a few weeks!


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