• Shower Gifts, Oh My!

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    Recently Him’s mother and my bridesmaids hosted a bridal shower for me. It was really lovely and was attended primarily by family friends of Him’s mother. These women are very close and I’ve gotten to know several of them well over the years. All the same, I was completely floored by the lavish gifts they presented me with. We were very careful to register for lots of items in a variety of prices, expecting to receive the smaller items (kitchen utensils, cutting boards, etc) as shower gifts. But we received only two of the affordable items. The rest were very expensive pieces like crystal, china, and kitchen appliances. I would guess that the average gift we received was well over $100. I’ve been a guest at many showers and usually spend $35-$60 on a shower gift, depending on how well I know the bride. Now I’m wondering if I’ve been a Scrooge all this time! Either way, I’m hopeful that my gifts have shown the brides as much love as the gifts we received.

    How much do you typically spend of a shower gift?


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