• The Big Dreams Savings Fund

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    This weekend we received our first cash wedding gift ($50). As we sat down to write a thank you note, we considered what to do with the cash. If we deposited it into our regular account, it would be gone almost immediately; probably spent on something frivolous and forgettable. So our first thought was to designate a separate account just for wedding gifts. But what to do with this account? Save up for our first home? Plan an anniversary vacation?

    There are many possibilities and we haven’t exactly mapped out our future just yet. We logged in to ING Direct so that we could create a sub-account and not open an entirely new account. Him suggested we name the account the “The Big Dreams” fund. We’ll save all our wedding gifts there, and someday when we have a really important purchase to make, we’ll use the cash for that. This way we’ll have something wonderful to remind us of our wedding and the kindness of our friends and family.

    What did you do with your cash wedding gifts?


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