• The Dollar Dance

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    One of the most controversial wedding traditions is the Dollar Dance (also called the Money Dance). Expected in some cultures and regions, abhorred in others, the Dollar Dance is a dance where guests line up and give a dollar to the bride or groom in exchange for a dance. Though each couple only dances for a few moments, the dance can go on for a while until everyone has had a turn. One nice aspect of this is that the bride and groom have the opportunity to personally thank each guest for coming and chat for a moment with them. However, it can also be seen as a tacky way to extort more money from guests who have already spent quite a bit on transportation, lodging, and a wedding gift. We made the decision to have the Dollar Dance because it is expected in Him’s culture. Unfortunately, my family will probably be offended. In turn, Him is offended that my family will be offended. Sheesh! To qualm everyone’s emotions, we are going to put a note at each table explaining what the Dollar Dance is and that it is a cultural tradition for Him’s family.

    Have you ever had to negotiate a tricky financial landscape between families?


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