• Spring Clean Your Finances

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    It’s spring, and time to do some spring cleaning of your finances. We do almost all our personal finance tasks in our home office, so for us this means spring cleaning the office. Ours is currently a wintery mess of piles of documents, empty paper sorters, packing from electronics, and craft supplies. If your office is in similar disarray, here are some clutter-busting items to inspire your own spring fling:

    The “Daily System” wall organizer from Pottery Barn has space for all your financial necessities: bins for bills and magazines, a calendar for keeping track of cash flow, a white board to keep your goals in sight, a key rack for your safe deposit box key, a drawer for pens and a calculator, and a tack board for important documents.

    There’s nothing like a comfortable chair to keep you focused on your work. How about the Aeron Executive chair from Hermann Miller?
    aeron chair.jpg

    Does a comfortable home office inspire you to manage your personal finances better?


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