• Job Security?

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    In the news as of late are talks of a recession, whether we’re in one, and what that means. One of the more common benchmarks that I see is lob losses. As our economy worsens, there is less money available to pay people, thus companies are forced to lay people off.

    When I read that and compare it to both Her’s and my job situation, I’m flabbergasted. Both of our companies are on hiring rampages and have doubled in size since we’ve started. To add to that, both of our companies don’t show any slowdown of hiring new people or obtaining new projects. We have recently received more responsibilities, bonuses, and pay raises.

    We’re extremely lucky to be in the fields of work that we’re in and working for great companies. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that we can get out of this economic downturn in a better position than how we entered it.

    How is your employment situation looking?


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