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    Photo: me; everyone loves Make Love, Not Debt!

    Last night we had the awesome opportunity to be on the local content sharing, social networking radio station here in Chicago, Vocalo (pronounced “Vocal-o”), on 89.5 FM. We’re featured on the show ‘Tween The Sexes, as show about men and women and the dynamics between them. The station is truly innovative: I think of it as radio 2.0. They accept and play user generated submissions, simultaneously live blog about the stuff on air while they’re on air, and generally act as a liaison between the web and the radio. Here’s more info about them.

    They convinced us to come into the studio for an hour of chatting with them. We were admittedly a little nervous at first, but as the show went on we definitely loosened up a bit. They were awesome: the hosts Robin, Bibiana, and Brian (pictured above) were super cool and asked us the best questions we’ve been asked by anyone about our blog. We went over our finances as it affected our past, present, and our future. The experience was cool, getting to see what goes on behind the scenes and being a part such an innovative and creative radio station.

    You can check out the first 2 hours of the show on the archive; we’re not on there and wouldn’t appear until hour 4. I’m working on getting our interview so that we can host it on this website for you to hear at your leisure.

    This is a first for Make Love, Not Debt history: we’ve unveiled our faces to other people! We did still keep our pseudonyms of Him and Her; it was kind of weird.

    “Hi, I’m, uh, Him and this is…Her.”

    Oh well. We still had a blast.

    This was pretty awesome, but not as cool as the Budgeting Babe appearing on CBS news. Congrats!


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