• I’m Back, and Inspired!

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    I haven’t posted in a while. It’s not because I was too busy or anything. I’ve just been rather uninspired about personal finance, and I didn’t want to write a half-hearted post. But why was I uninspired?

    When we first started blogging, our metaphorical financial house was on fire. I was on the scene, blogging about the height of the flames and the number of fire trucks. It was exciting, this disaster! What would happen next? How would we survive? Well, we did survive. We paid off a huge portion of debt. We re-allocated our money so our debt cost us less and our savings earned more. We got raises. We had some fun along the way. We automated many financial tasks. And after a while, personal finance slipped into the background of our lives. This was nice, but it didn’t exactly inspire my writing.

    Recently, we’ve discovered that everything isn’t as peaceful as we thought it had been. We almost paid a few bills late (fortunately, we caught them in the nick of time). With Him handling most of the finances, I drifted into blissful ignorance. When did we blow the budget for the wedding? Oops, didn’t notice that! How did we miss the deadline for purchasing travel insurance for the honeymoon? Yikes. Hey, when did we go over-budget on monthly spending? Why are we broke? Oh nos!

    What I’ve learned from all this is that it’s never okay to fall asleep at the financial wheel. Even though we’ve automated things, the world continues to change. Interest rates vary. Due dates change. Markets expand and collapse. Salaries increase. Your perceptions of your spending change without you realizing it. Being a successful adult means dedicating time to manage your finances, no matter how smoothly things are going.


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