• Chicago’s Sales Tax is Going to Get Ridiculous

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    That’s the amount of sales tax that will be applied to purchases made in the city of Chicago in November.

    What’s that mean for us?

    Well, I’m definitely going to try to NOT make any large purchases in the city. For pretty much anything over $100, I’m going to turn to the stores on the intarweb for a more competitive price that includes FREE shipping and NO sales tax.

    I’ve stated in the past that I really like to patronize local small businesses, but seriously, the sales tax is re-donk. It’s a shame because it is not really the local business owners’ fault for this. They’re really going to get screwed.

    I guess it’s a good thing we’ve started to think about moving away from Chicago. That’s too bad: I really LOVE this city. Chicago has many cultural, academic, leisure, luxury, and business resources that will be hard to live without.

    But 10.25% sales tax on everything will not be missed.


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