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    UR Chicago is a free monthly magazine (can’t beat the price, natch) covering regional and national lifestyles and entertainment; it keeps readers informed about the latest trends in nightlife, music, theater, art, film, dining, fashion and more in Chicago and beyond.

    We had the privilege of being interviewed by Jennifer Lizak about our blog for the magazine. This month’s issue deals with all sorts of money matters; of course written for 20-somethings who seem to spend, spend, and spend. Nevertheless, it’s pretty awesome to see our words in a publication that we regularly read and that targets the demographic that we hope to reach.

    She also wrote a nice piece on relationship finances as a whole, and how serious relationships need more than just good intentions and animal attraction to overcome financial differences. She was nice enough to include a few words from our interview in that piece as well.

    Since UR Chicago is a monthly publication, the links will reflect the current month’s articles. We’ll take down the links when the next month’s articles replace ours (but why would they want to do that?).

    To see the story in its full glory inside the magazine, you can download the pdf [direct link] – the relationships article is on page 38; our interview is on page 62 – right before the sex section. Sweet.

    [edit 4-4-08: the issue we were feature in has passed and the links to the site have been removed: please download the pdf to see the interviews]


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