• Keeping Up With The Joneses: Mom’s Ring Finger

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    Ah, my crazy mama. I may have posted about her a few times before. One commenter even said she enjoyed my mom’s antics. Here’s another one for your enjoyment.

    A few years ago after both of her sons were engaged, my mother seemed to have noticed that her simple, yet elegant, wedding band wasn’t enough for her ring finger compared to her future daughter-in-laws’ adornments. My mom had told us numerous times that she doesn’t wear her engagement ring because her diamond was small. I can say that’s true because I’ve never seen it.

    One day last year we were out at a family function and both Her and I immediately noticed something different about my mom…she had a platinum ring with a LARGE diamond and matching wedding band on her ring finger! When she noticed that Her and I noticed, she again said that her engagement ring was small and wanted to buy a bigger one for herself. I chalked it up to my parents being empty nesters and not knowing what to do with their money.

    Well, fast forward to a few weeks ago: Her and I were having dinner with my parents, when I noticed an entirely NEW diamond band around my mom’s ring finger. Her noticed as well and we gave each other the “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” look at each other. A little later during dinner my mom showed off her ring to Her and again recited to us the story of how her original engagement ring diamond was too small, so she got herself a new one.

    I know what you’re thinking: ANOTHER new one? What happened to the second one? Answer: I have no idea. It’s like it never existed. Maybe we made it up. Maybe we’re the crazy ones.

    I wish my dad talked a little more, because I’d be a little pissed off if I were him. My mom essentially bitch-slapped him and said, “Your gifts to me were so crappy that I went out and had to buy 2 rings to make up for it, biatch.”

    I guess my mother’s ring envy got the best of her. Twice. Maybe because both of her sons got engaged she thought she had to try and upstage both of the new engagement rings. Who knows.


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