• Give Us Advice On How To Help Her Out With My Mom

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    Another day, another post about dealing with my mom.

    While my mom’s antics are quite bearable for me, it is mainly because I’ve been dealing with her all of my life. Her, on the other hand, has only had a few years of experience with directly dealing with my mom. Her has been great about doing stuff with my mom and respecting my mom’s cultural wishes.

    There are times, though, when my mom gets a little out of hand, especially with questions dealing with finances. When Her and I are together, I can easily deflect direct questions about finances; my mom has no qualms about asking anything from me directly. But what should Her do when my mom asks her a financial question and I’m not there?

    Here’s a recent example: Her and my mom went to a wedding shower of another close family friend. Of course since we’ve been planning our wedding for, uh, forever, my mom turned some of the guests’ attention to that topic. My mom and her friends were asking Her direct questions such as, “How much did _______ cost?” Her understandably felt uncomfortable and ended up divulging the information to them. Hey, a bunch of feisty Asian women can be terribly intimidating…you know…all the ninja stuff and everything.

    So, dear readers, we ask for your advice:

    When asked by my mom a direct finance-related question and I’m not around, how should Her handle it?

    Is my mom out of line?

    How should I give my mom a karate-chop to have her stop putting Her in uncomfortable positions like that?


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