• Free (More Expensive) vs. Not Free (Less Expensive)

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    This year we’ve resolved to be a little more organized in life. These days much of our lives is on our computer, whether it be financial data, photos, music, or old emails. In the last 10 or so years we’ve been using computers on a (near) daily basis, we’ve managed to accumulate gigabytes worth of stuff that we’d rather not put into the recycle bin. Regular old CD’s aren’t cutting it anymore for large-volume long-term storage solutions, therefore we decided that we would like to have a DVD burner for our storage and backup needs.

    This past Christmas I was given a $100 Best Buy gift card, so I decided to look for a DVD burner there.

    Last week’s Best Buy sales ad listed this Samsung DVD burner at $49.99. The same Samsung DVD burner at Amazon was $34.98 plus $8.32 for shipping, for a total of $43.30. The same DVD burner at Newegg (OEM version, pretty much the same thing but without all of the packaging) is $29.99 plus $5.84 for shipping, for a total of $35.83. So which one did I go with?

    Best Buy. I found a coupon online for 10% off, which brought the total to $49.09, all of which was subtracted from the balance on my gift card. No money out of my pocket, plus if something goes wrong with it I can always return it to the store.

    The question I have for you, readers: Would you “pay more” for something if you had gift card to pay for it, even if you knew you could get it for cheaper if the money came out of your own pocket?


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