• When Does Borrowing Become Mooching?

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    Back when I was a kid, borrowing Nintendo games from friends was an accepted practice. One would usually set a limit to how many days the game could be lent out for; those who went past the deadline were usually given a good book check in the hallway or have an annoying girl told that he had a crush on her. There was always that one kid who kept games for a lot longer than was ever agreed upon. I hated that guy.

    I feel that the rules of borrowing are a little different now that we’re adults. I have a friend who owns a Blockbuster store worth of DVDs. He’s pretty generous with lending out his DVD to friends; he’ll push them on you if you haven’t seen a movie of a TV show that he things is awesome. Other friends of mine often ask to borrow DVDs from him, which he happily lends out.

    He does have many television shows on DVD that I would like to watch. Since we recently canceled our Netflix account, we don’t have the unlimited access to any DVD we’d want to watch.

    If I asked him to borrow DVDs am I:

    A) Making a frugal decision? After all, I am just borrowing a few DVDs from a friend.

    B) Being cheap? I have enough money to rent/buy them on my own, after all.

    Of course, if he actively lends them to me (dude, you HAVE to watch this…here’s the DVDs!) then that’s a totally different story.

    When does borrowing become mooching? Do you have friends who are over-borrowers? Do you borrow a lot of stuff from your friends?


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