• Weekly Roundup, Expensive Parking Edition

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    Living in a big city with big city prices has definitely warped my sense of money. For example, when did paying $16 for parking downtown for the day become “cheap”? I guess when there’s other places charging $25+, I guess it isn’t so bad. Onto this week’s roundup…

    Frugal Law Student asks who actually deposits money in ATMs? Answer: We do. For us, it is convenient, quick, and hassle-free.

    Over at Wisebread there is a good article on how a realistic budget can be a marriage saver. The story is quite endearing, and is almost mirrors the way that Her and I do things. Especially budgeting with a bottle of wine.

    Ask Dong tells you that before you date, get a credit report. That is definitely the way to not let your dong see any action.

    Speaking of getting action – guys and gals, if you’re thinking of getting something to spice up the ol’ love life, remember that vibrators are too expensive (and they break easily). Thanks, Her Every Cent Counts, for that.

    Single Ma tells why she kicks ass goes against the grain. I have to agree, the pfblogosphere gets really old when all you read are the same things over and over and over…

    DINKs give some good tips on how to talk about money. We have our State of the Union talk every so often.

    2 Million
    is going through Smart Couples Finish Rich and creating value circles. When we read this book we did the same thing, and going back to these circles really helps us focus on where our money goes.

    Living Almost Large thinks about the consequences of having your parents move in with you. Since both of our parents’ are getting older, we’re going to have to start thinking about decisions like this.

    English Major is thinking about the the economy and how it works. She muses philosophically about topics like the stock market and corporations. What’s really fascinating are the comments which reveal where to get more information.


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