• Unexpected Wedding Bonus

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    The place where we’re having our reception has a list of 15 caterers or so authorized to serve food there. Since we’ve had an extended engagement, we’ve had the chance to speak with all of them. They range in price from pretty ridiculous to absolutely ridiculous.

    Of course since they are catering our wedding, we have to evaluate their food. Therefore, that means going to tastings! Since they want to impress us, they usually put on a good demo, offering to us the equivalent of a full 5 course meal. To get our business, they make the food much more palatable than what will be served at the actual reception; quite a boon to us. Do this 15 times, and we’ve saved a few bucks on groceries.

    Sure this is probably all a wash in the end, but it is nice to get some “free” food.


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