• Roundup, Booking Our Honeymoon Edition

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    I find it a little odd that there are people who don’t believe that credit card rewards can actually be redeemed. The first time I’ve run into that thinking is through a few comments on this blog. Well, Her and I can tell you that, YES, credit card rewards are redeemable, and we’re using them to greatly reduce the cost of our honeymoon. Still haven’t paid a cent of interest on credit cards in a while, and don’t plan to in the future, either.

    Here’s what I thought were good readings in the pfblogosphere this week:

    Over at Get Rich Slowly, JD gives some good advice on whether you should do your own taxes or hire an accountant. We’re probably going to see an accountant this year.

    Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity explains the differences between life insurances: term, whole, universal and variable. Since we’ll be looking for a good plan this year, this is good information to consider.

    While I don’t agree with everything in this post in how to become and stay a millionaire by the Wastrel Show, it does give a very interesting aspect of wealth from a perspective that I haven’t been exposed to.

    Rocket Finances gives us a glimpse of how he does married finances. We do a his-hers-ours plan; we suggest you find the right solution for you.

    We’ve been following 2 Million’s review of Smart Couples Finish Rich. He has a great tip, “My wife and I would go to Starbucks and splurge on drinks or have some margaritas while we read it. Find what it takes to make this more enjoyable for your spouse.” I’m all for coupling an important, potientially drab activity such as talking about finances with something fun.

    Hey, did you know that Single Ma moved? Go check out her awesome new redesigned site, Fabulous Financials, right now!


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