• Mint’s Having A Contest; Mini Roundup 1-24-08

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    Mint is having a contest – the winner gets $5,000 and a free credit counseling session. Mint is another one of those new-fangled online financial management programs, one we haven’t checked out. All you have to do to enter the contest is submit a video or a story on how your holiday spending went a little (or a lot) out of control. Those entries are then voted on, and whoever gets the most votes wins, or something like that. Go ahead and check out their contest and how everything goes down. The contest opens today at noon EST and submissions are open until March 15.

    Work has been absolutely killer for us this week, so here’s 2 articles that I’ve had time to actually write down for your reading pleasure this week:

    Tasha at Being Money Smart is a little disappointed that her significant other used allowance money for things that were to be allocated to their joint account.

    The Frugal Bachelor points the way to frugality: beer, and lots of it.


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