• Happy 2nd Birthday, Make Love, Not Debt (With Roundup Included!)

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    On January 1, Make Love, Not Debt had its 2nd blogoversary! I really can’t believe that this project took off the way that it did. I couldn’t have done it without all of you, the readers and pfblogosphere!

    Here are some posts that are pretty interesting:

    2 Million is finding out the difficulties of managing cash flow as a newlywed. Her and I have had our finances intertwined for almost 3 years and we’re still figuring it out.

    Lazy Man has posted his alternative monthly income status report. He raked in an incredible $2,200+, mostly from his blog income!

    Money and Values asks if you go the long way to avoid tolls. We dont – in Chicago tolls aren’t too expensive and we hardly drive. Plus, with the addition of open road tolling we just bite the bullet and go the toll routes.

    eFipo tells how he splurges on the big nights, with a good story from his New Year’s celebrations. We tend to do a lot of small things since we’ve found many cheap forms of entertainment.

    Five Cent Nickel answers a reader question on Roth IRA limits being reached after marriage. This is of particular interest since Her and I will be tying the knot this year, and pay raises may put us close to the income limit.

    We’re in Debt muses: when can you have too much credit? Interesting that they ask, since we’re still wondering what to do with all of our credit cards with no balances.


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