• Economic Incentive NOT To Hit Snooze

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    There was a time in my life when I NEVER hit the snooze button. It was always alarm, get up.

    Then I met Her. The snooze button suddenly became a viable option when there is a lovely, warm, and soft body next to mine every morning.

    I’m thinking that if I had a different alarm clock, though, it might be a different story. Especially an alarm clock that donated to a charity that I hated every time I hit the snooze button.

    Wake up to the smell of…Animosity…

    The SnūzNLūz(TM) alarm clock connects to your network via ethernet or even WiFi, and from there you interface with it though a web based configuration utility. You enter in your hated charity, your bank account information, and viola! Every time you hit the snooze button, you make a donation!

    Here are some of the “suggested uses”:

    Are you a butcher? Set your SnūzNLūz to donate to PETA
    Are you a hippie? Set your SnūzNLūz to donate to the American Coal Foundation.
    Are you a Ninja? Set your SnūzNLūz to donate to, hrrrm, we can’t find a Pirate Charity at the moment. But there must be one…somewhere…anyways, the point is it’s easy to setup once you identify your enemy!

    If your resolution for 2008 is to get to work early, or even on time, this might be exactly what you’re looking for.

    (via Chicagoist)


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