• Credit Cards In The Cold, Weekly Roundup

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    The weather in Chicago has been pretty crazy. Last week, we went from temperatures in the single digits (with biting wind chills) to 60F+ days. Of course, I chose one of the super cold ass days to leave my credit card at a bar, necessitating a frosty trip back to get it.

    Here’s what I’ve found to interesting reads this week…

    Jonathan at My Money Blog revamping his asset allocation. See how he’s allocating his funds according to which account. His style of asset allocation and number of accounts closely resembles ours.

    Clever Dude reveals how he monetizes his site. As you can tell we’re not exactly ad-free either. We should put up a post detailing our strategies as well.

    Million Dollar Journey
    is considering building a home gym. We have well-used memberships to the health club.

    Making money as a blogger? You may want to check out these 46 tax deductions that bloggers often overlook. (via BeanCounter)

    It’s Your Money tells what he did with his website income in the year of 2007. His isn’t quite the enviable position to be in, is it?

    Are SMART goals really smart? Millionaire Nuemes loudly opposes the prevailing trend towards SMART based goal setting, and challenges you to make and accomplish some Real Goals.

    The Honest Dollar writes a post in defense of personal finance bloggers who write mostly about retirement. Yes, the PFblogosphere is inundated with posts about retirement, frugality, and saving. Here’s a little secret: we try and write about the fun stuff about finances. Read the archives if you don’t believe us!


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