• Site Maintenance; Comments Closed For A Few Days; Mini-Roundup

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    Make Love, Not Debt will be moving to a new, improved host over the weekend. Comments will be closed until everything is working over at the new host.

    In the meantime, read these posts:

    English Major posts a beautiful narrative of a night out. Definitely some of the best writing the PF blogosphere has seen.

    Jim and JD square off about whether or not to use home equity (link to Jim’s) to pay down unsecured debt (link to JD’s). We’re thinking of doing this to pay off student loans. Don’t worry, we’ll write a post about this so that you can berate us comment on it.

    Boston Gal treats herself to solar panels.

    Trent lays out his goals for 2008. We’re going to have to get on that.

    We usually don’t do these round-up type posts, but we’re rethinking that for next year.


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