• Our 2007 Goals Status, Part 4: Develop The Joint Retirement Portfolio

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    This is part 4 of our retrospective look at our 2007 goals. Here’s part 1 (Roth IRAs), part 2 (Student Loans), and part 3 (credit cards).

    This year we sought out to develop the foundation for our joint retirement portfolio. This was quite a daunting task, and we had to break it up into a few pieces to make it manageable. Even though it has been over a year since the first time we’ve first decided to tackle this task, we feel that there is much to learn and do.

    Here’s a recap of what we’ve done this year to get closer to develop our joint retirement portfolio:

    1. We determined how much money we’ll need to save up for in order to retire.

    2. We laid out what our portfolio looked like back in January 2007 and reviewed what was wrong with it.

    3. We then assessed our overall risk tolerance, and decided that a 90:10 stock:bond ratio was appropriate for our age.

    4. We then delved further into our asset allocation to specifically determine which investments we should be in to minimize risk while getting good returns.

    5. Finally, we looked to see our progress and assessed what steps to take next.

    Now, the plan is to learn more about investing in order to fine tune the numbers. We’re going to reassess our allocation semi-annually and readjust the allocations if necessary.

    Status: Mostly completed; needs tweaking.


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