• Our 2007 Goals Status, Part 1: Contribute 50% to Roth IRAs

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    About a year ago we made some financial goals for ourselves. Since 2007 is coming to a rapid close, I thought we’d look at those goals and see how we did, and how we made it happen. I’m going to tackle them out of order just because that’s how I feel like writing about them.

    The first goal I’m going to examine is contributing 50% of the maximum allowed amount to our Roth IRAs. As the 2007 Roth IRA maximum contribution amount is $4,000, that amount is also equal to 50% of total contributions for both of our accounts. When we first came up with this goal, Her’s Roth IRA had a paltry $1,695.85 in it, so we decided to allocate all of our contributions to her Roth IRA account to bring it up to about where mine is.

    Last year, Her moved her Roth IRA holdings from Merrill Lynch to Vanguard. At the beginning of the year, she requested automatic deductions twice a month to total $4,000. Since I am paid twice a month, we had it coincide with my paydays, so it was like an automatic payroll deduction in that we never even saw that money. Easy as pie. (Except that I’ve never baked one [but Her has]).

    Status: Will be completed this month.


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