• Lack of Time = Crappy Christmas Presents?

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    With all of the commitments that I have this holiday season, from long hours at work to doing long homework assignments for school to volunteering, I’ve come to the realization that Christmas is rapidly approaching. Usually by this time of year I’ve completed my Christmas shopping by getting the people on my list thoughtful, locally sold gifts.

    As Christmas approaches, I’m realizing that my commitments aren’t likely to die down that much, or are going to be replaced with other duties such as getting the apartment ready for family who will be staying with us for the holiday. I’ve done the goofy-clueless-guy-Christmas-shopping-on-Christmas-eve thing, and it wasn’t fun picking through the leftovers to give as gifts.

    How have you managed your holiday craziness? Any tips for last minute shopping ideas?

    At least tell me it’s not too late.


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