• Hotel Concierge Service: Above And Beyond

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    About 10 times a year I travel for my job. Sometimes the work that I do is quite easy, and I have more time to relax and do some sightseeing, or even make a vacation out of it. Other times the job can be quite stressful as we have to cater to our clients and make sure things go smoothly. When I need things to go especially well, I often enlist the services of the hotel concierge. Their advice is often invaluable in finding out the perfect restaurant in an unfamiliar city, for getting access to rooms at their hotel or another venue for impromptu meetings, or even getting umbrellas when an unexpected rain occurs. Of course, their work is rewarded with a generous tip.

    However, the requests that my coworkers and I ask from the concierge pale in comparison to others. A Chicago Sun-Times article reports the unusual requests that Jon Winke, a concierge at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago since 1975, has had to fufill for guests. Some of them include:

    • A guest wanted to see the premier of the movie “Disclosure” but he didn’t want anyone sitting within three rows of him. Winke rallied staff members to go to the theater and buy enough tickets to block off several rows.
    • A mother of the bride left her contact lenses in a taxi and was upset about having to wear glasses to her daughter’s wedding. Concierge staff tracked down her California optician, got her prescription and had new contacts delivered to the hotel within two hours.

    Have you ever used the hotel concierge to make your life easier? What was the strangest request that you have asked from one?

    (via Chicagoist)


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