• How Much Do You Tell Your Parents?

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    I love blogging about my mom. Really. She gives me so much to talk about. My dad doesn’t speak much, and he’s not crazy, so I don’t write much about him.

    Ever since I’ve been more or less financially independent from my parents, I feel as if they don’t need to know the financial minutiae of my life. When I first obtained my current job, I divulged my salary information to my mom; however, back then I did live at home and was eating their food. Now, I don’t tell her much – currently, my mom doesn’t know exactly how much I make. That doesn’t stop my mom from asking, though.

    I wouldn’t mind so much if she asked maybe once a year or so. It gets annoying because everything eventually turns to “how much did it cost?” Here’s a fun scenario:

    Me: Mom, I’m running a half-marathon!

    Mom: Oh really? How much does that cost?


    You can substitute my first line with anything, from “I like midget bondage” to “Oh my god I sliced off my thumb” to “No, Mario Lopez will always be A.C. Slater to me.” She will, in some way, ask about the cost.

    Now, here’s what happens when she’s asks about money coming in:

    Mom: So how much was your bonus?

    Me: It was a nice amount…

    Mom: You should give some to me and your dad.

    Again, you can substitute “bonus” with “salary”, “amount of Christmas presents”, “tax refund” or “illegal mob money” and still get the same result.

    Where I start to get angry is when my mom starts asking me about Her’s salary, bonuses, cost of whatever. That is certainly not her business. She has even asked Her directly about some money issues. I thought that was way out of line and I told her so.

    Why don’t I like telling her specifics? My mom has a way of using whatever information I give her against me, and possibly Her, for her own evil purposes. Oh mama, you so craaaaaaazy.

    How much financial information do you divulge to your parents? Do they ask you about your finances or do you readily give them information? How has this affected your relationship with them? Do you tell them, or do they ask about your partner’s finances?


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