• Finances and Relationships: Dropping the Debt Bomb?

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    Her and I met early on during our collegiate careers when we both had little debt, student loan or otherwise. To us, racking up debt was a normal part of college life, so it didn’t bother either of us when the other pulled out a credit card to pay for something (in retrospect, that was probably a bad idea). We did everything together as we built our fledgling relationship, from getting wasted at parties studying really hard for classes to building a future of debt. So when we finally divulged our financial malaise to each other, the fact that we each had debt wasn’t a surprise.

    I wonder how different that conversation would have went had we met in different circumstances. How would this conversion even be brought up? Would I have still stayed with Her knowing how much debt she had? Would Her have been fine with my frivolous spending? Or would have ended with us making out and forgetting about it until another day? We often try and speculate about these things and talk about these “what if” scenarios, but both of us really don’t know what would happen.

    If you met your partner and either of you had significant debt coming into the relationship, how did you handle it? Have you shied away from serious relationships because of your financial status? Have yours or your partners’ debt been the demise of a relationship?

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