• Anyone Use Microsoft Money Plus (2008)?

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    photo: ifranz

    We’ve been using Microsoft Money quite diligently for the last six months and have been pleased so far by what it has to offer. So this week we “upgraded” our copy of Microsoft Money 2005 to the new Microsoft Money Plus — and by upgraded, we mean had to buy the new version because automatic updates stopped working.

    So far, we haven’t come across anything heinously wrong with the program. Right now we’re just using it to keep track of purchases, budget, and track investments. Everything still works, and all is right with the world.

    I can’t help but think that I can be using it in more efficient ways. I’m feel like the black sheep of personal finance blogs for using Microsoft Money; everyone else is loyally devoted to Quicken. In fact, it seems like the entire intarwebs is devoted to Quicken, with forums, websites, and shrines dedicated to keeping the Quicken gods happy.

    Anyone aware of any Microsoft Money forums or websites or shrines? Anyone have any random tips for using Microsoft Money?


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