• Procrastination Saved Us Money This Halloween?

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    For at least a few weeks now, Her and I have known about a Halloween event that we’re going to. For weeks now, Her and I have known that wearing a costume to a party on Halloween is not only customary, but potentially event enhancing. For weeks now, Her and I did nothing to obtain a costume.

    So last night we thought it maybe a good idea to get costumes. The first place we went was a seasonal little Halloween shop not too far from our place. As expected, their selection was left wanting, but worst of all their prices were outrageous. At that point in the night it was getting late; despite that we decided to try our luck at another place.

    The second place we found by accident. We were driving around and noticed a sign in the window of a shop: “HALLOWEEN BLOWOUT!!!!” I miraculously found a parking meter in front of the store and we ran in to browse. Her found a great costume that was 50% off; we ended up paying a total ~$20 for her costume and accessories. Nice.

    Unfortunately, since it was already late that night, I couldn’t find a costume before the store closed. I had a costume in mind and thought it would be pretty easy to get. We ended up driving to the suburbs (a Halloween fright fest itself, lemme tell you) and checked out some Big Box stores, only to learn that their selection was crappier than the city stores, and to reaffirm that we’re never moving to the suburbs. While Her was quite pleased with, uh, her purchase, I went home without a costume.

    Before I went to bed, I looked up some costume shops that would be around my work. As luck would have it, there were more than a few. After a few meetings this morning I called just about all of them to ask if any of them had the costume I wanted in stock. Once place did, but was a little farther from my work than I was originally looking for.

    I bit the bullet and took the train over to the costume place on my lunch break. They had the costume I wanted, and when I went to pay for it the guy told me that it was 30% off, so I ended up paying ~$20 for my costume as well. And I got back to work before the hour was up.

    It’s too bad that we’re too old to Trick-or-Treat — I would have loved to recoup the costume costs with candy.


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