• Mandatory Meal Planning (Damn You Freezer)

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    About a month and a half ago our refrigerator didn’t work so well, but we thought we saved it.

    Not so much.

    This past weekend we went out of town to visit some friends, only to return to a refrigerator that was barely refrigerating and a freezer that was not freezing very well.

    We called our landlord and he replaced our fridge right away (he had an extra in the basement?). While most of the items in the fridge were salvaged (anything that didn’t have mini-ecosystems growing in them), we were left wondering what to do with the items in the freezer.

    Unfortunately, we had to discard more than we wanted to. We decided that frozen veggies, ground beef, cheeses, and a few other items could be refrozen. We didn’t want to take the chance on chicken breasts, beef and lamb steaks, and two sirloin tip roasts.

    Adding to the chaos that is already our lives, we decided we would cook all of that food and then freeze it. We’ve had post-work obligations every day this week, so we’ve been exhausted from the constant cooking we’ve had to do and getting to bed late. The good thing is that we found recipes that used much of what we already had around the house. After this week, I believe that Her and I would make a great team on Iron Chef, if the time limit were 4 days and the secret ingredient were “everything that you don’t want to go bad in our freezer.” Take that, Bobby Flay.

    The big negative: we had to throw away a lot of food. The big positive: we’ve essentially menu planned our winter, allowing us to just reheat the food instead of eating out.

    Not exactly lemonade from lemons, but it’ll do.


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