• How to Get a $1,600 Hotel Room for $10

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    photo: Goldwin Guenther

    1. Research and develop time machine

    2. Go back in time to Chicago in 1947

    3. Stay in the penthouse suite of the Palmer House Hilton for $10 and SAVE THE RECEIPT

    4. Get back in time machine to Chicago 2007

    5. Present $10 receipt from your 1947 stay at the Palmer House Hilton and request to stay in the penthouse suite

    6. Laugh all the way up to your room as you just saved $1,590

    7. ?????

    8. Profit!!!

    The above is exactly what an elderly couple did, except without a time machine. For their honeymoon in 1947, they stayed at the Palmer House Hilton penthouse suite for $10. Sixty years later, they went back to stay in the same room and paid the exact same amount.

    The Palmer House has an unusual policy that allows one-time guests who visited more than 50 years ago to stay at the historic hotel for the price of their original stay — provided guests can submit an original receipt. This policy has been offered since 1925, so you’re possibly out of luck if you stayed at the 136-year old hotel before that time.

    The coolest thing about this story? The couple didn’t even have to pay for their room; their 12-year old grandson footed the $10 hotel bill as a present to them.

    (the photograph above is the lobby of the hotel – not a Motel 8 by any means)

    (via Gapers Block, twice apparently)


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