• The Cost of Laundry Service: Was It Worth It?

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    We blogged a few weeks ago about how busy we were with guests, with our modest apartment being occupied for 11 days in a row. During the time leading up to the arrival of our first guests, both Her and I were busy at work, so any plans of getting our house in order were well-intentioned but difficult to accomplish.

    Finally, it came down to the last night before our guests arrived. The house was a mess. There was a heaping pile of laundry that needed to be done. We were feeling quite overwhelmed at the task ahead of us, so we decided that outsourcing either cleaning the house or laundry would be the best method of getting everything done. After a minute or two of deliberation, we decided that we would send out our laundry and tag team cleaning the house.

    So we carried our laundry over to the laundromat and had them weighed, and were told it was going to be 80 cents/pound. We had 48 pounds of laundry, so a little simple arithmetic reveals…

    80 cents/pound X 48 pounds of laundry = $38.40

    So was it worth it? Would we do this again? Absolutely NOT.

    First off, the cost of having them do our laundry was higher than I thought in my previous post where I merely pondered this idea. Paying almost $40 every 2.5 weeks to do laundry would cost us

    52 weeks/2.5 weeks per laundry event X $40 = $798.72 per year

    …almost $150 more than what I previously estimated. By doing laundry ourselves at $16 every two weeks, we spend $332.80, potentially saving $465.92. I don’t think I have to explain they benefits of having that money go towards something more useful.

    Also, when we got our clothes back, they weren’t sorted into piles for each owner of the clothes. The supposed time saved was reduced by the time we had to sort through everything and then put away the clothes.

    This is definitely something that we’re going to try to avoid. Hopefully we won’t have to think about this too much in the future, as we’ll be looking for a washer and dryer in the next place that we live.


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