• Restaurant Credit Card Roulette

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    photo: s e l v i n

    The scene:
    You and a few friends are eating at a nice restaurant. After everyone is finished with their meal, the bill comes as usual. Everyone then proceeds to throw their credit card into a hat. Instead of the bill being split evenly among the cards, they are removed one by one. The last credit card remaining pays the potentially wallet crippling restaurant food bill.

    Does this sound like your idea of a good time? Me neither. But according to this Chicago Tribune article, people willingly play this game. Or maybe not so willingly…

    “I was sweating bullets,” Ashley said in an e-mail interview. “I felt sick at the thought of having to pay that bill and then trying to explain it (or hide it) when the bill came in. It was both scary and amusing, after the fact, to watch those whose cards had been removed from contention to suddenly ‘find’ a larger-than-normal appetite and thirst.”

    Ashley said the final tally for his group that night came to $1,249.

    I have to wonder what kind of people these are: adrenaline junkies? impulsive gamblers? super-rich?

    This game might be fun once. Maybe twice. And only if I were eating somewhere like McDonald’s or something. And if I were never the last one picked.

    Would you ever do something like this?


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