• Keeping Up With the Joneses’ Husbands

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    During the last year, our company has employed a lot of new people to keep up with work. Three of these employees are relatively newly married early 30-somethings who are married to men with (presumably) high paying jobs: lawyer, doctor, and financial services guy.

    For the most part, interactions with these women are pleasant – after all, I have to work with these people. I do get irritated, though, when I’m caught in between their one-upping each others’ lifestyles. It goes a little like this…

    Co-worker 1 (CW1): So this weekend I ate at Alinea! Have you even heard of this place? It’s really awesome and was SUPER EXPENSIVE…

    CW2: Yeah, I ate there a few months ago right after it opened. I did eat at a cool restaurant when I was in New York this weekend. I’ll have to go back there when I get back to New York in a few weeks for a shopping trip…

    CW3: My husband and I went there before CW2 went there. We’re trying to only eat out twice a week since we’re house shopping. Oh, and did I tell you…? We got approved for a gazillion dollar mortgage!

    I’m pretty sure that my seniority and my title at my company puts me above them in terms of how much their paychecks are. Therefore, I assume that there’s no way that they alone could afford their lifestyle themselves and probably depend on their husbands’ nice jobs to keep appearances.

    I guess whatever they do with their money is their business, but the most annoying part is when they ask me:

    Did you eat at ____________? No? How about ________?
    (uh, the the average tab per person is $40, and that’s without drinks)

    We got three plasma TV’s in our basement for football season. What kind of TV do you have?
    (three? seriously?)

    In the past, the old me would have wanted to hurry up and get to that new restaurant or put a TV on a credit card. Admittedly, a large part of me still wants to do that. If anything, Her and I have both learned the value of our money, and if we choose to blow it, we’ll blow it on things that matter to us, not things that impress other people.


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