• Damn You, Washing Machine!

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    One fine day in the summer…

    Her: Hey, have you seen my iPod?

    Him: No, why?

    Her: It’s missing. I thought I left it in my workout shorts…but we just did laundry…

    Him: (uh-oh)

    Her: Wait, you DID check the pockets of everything before you threw it into the wash, right?

    Him: Um…I thought we were responsible for our own clothing!

    Her opens up the drawer containing her workout clothes and pulls out the pair of shorts the iPod was last known to be in. She reaches in the pocket and takes out a soggy iPod.

    Her: Dammit, this is the SECOND expensive thing you’ve washed.

    Him: At least it’s clean?

    Weirdly enough, the iPod actually worked, but only when it was plugged into a power source. We took the iPod into the Apple Store and ended up buying a factory reconditioned replacement for $80.

    Needless to say, I diligently check the pockets now.


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