• The Cost of The Half-Marathon

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    Running a half-marathon can be costly.

    This summer our posting has been pretty low-key due to all of our extracurricular activities. I’ve personally been occupied with training for an upcoming half-marathon. Little did I know of the associated costs with training for a 13-mile jaunt. While running is one of the most cost-effective ways of staying in shape, long-distance running (at least for me) requires a little more than just a good pair of shoes. Here are the associated costs for 12 weeks of training for the half-marathon.

    Shoes – $75

    I’m an overpronator – meaning my feet roll outward too much when I push off. In order to get my feet in alignment, prevent injury, and maximize efficiency, I need a good pair of running shoes. If you’re looking for the perfect shoe for you, go to a specialty running store where the people there can watch you run and get you properly.

    Moisture Wicking T-shirts, Underwear, and Socks – $150 total

    These pieces of clothing wick away moisture to keep me cool and dry. Cotton sticks to my skin and doesn’t breathe well when soaked in sweat. Target and Wal-Mart and great places to get these for cheap.

    Sports Drinks – $8/week X 12 weeks = $96

    Essential for putting back carbs, electrolytes, and fluids into my body before and after a run. I don’t drink this stuff any other time.

    Sport Beans – $15

    I eat Sport Beans during runs over 6 miles. I find that I just run out of energy near the finish if I don’t have any during-run nutrition. I’ve also tried other products, but these seem to work best for me. They’re $1 a a bag at Target.

    Body Glide – $10

    Body glide is like mana from heaven. Prevents chafing. Saves lives, cures cancer. Or not.

    Nipguards – $10

    Never in my life would I ever think that I would need any form of nipple protection. Then I experienced nipple chafing associated with long runs. For the love of god did they hurt. Then I found out about Nipguards. Slightly weird, but at least my nips don’t hurt.

    Race registration – $45

    I need one of these to run the race.

    Race training – $90

    Since I’m a beginner, I thought it would be a good idea to sign up for a training program that would connect me with other runners. Turns out this was a pretty good decision, as I’ve found a group that is going though all of the rookie stuff that I’m going though. They’re also a huge asset for my motivation. Who wants to run 12-miles all my themselves?

    TOTAL COST – $491

    Much of this cost isn’t just going to be for this one activity only – the running shoes should last another 6 months and possible another 5K race. The moisture wicking stuff I’ll keep for at least a few years. Plus I’ve gained some running buddies from the race training.


    Besides, the health benefits that I’m getting from all this running should pay off in future reduced healthcare costs, right?



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