• Good Weather For Renting

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    Lately lots of our friends have been buying houses, and we’ve been feeling left out. But this week Chicago has been deluged with severe weather, and suddenly the only thing we’re missing out on is damaged property. The friends with the brand new garden level condo are furious that it has flooded – again – and the contractor won’t return their phone calls. The co-worker with the new house in the suburbs now has two enormous trees decorating their living room. The friends with a new condo on the north side were out in the storm shoveling leaves out of the storm sewer. As for our own leaky windows, the landlord was here last night to take measurements for replacement windows while we lounged around.

    A major reason we haven’t purchased real estate is that we don’t have an emergency fund large enough to cover major home repairs. For once the soggy grass seems greener on the renting side.


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