• Good Morning Cleveland!

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    If you were up this morning at 5:15AM in Cleveland and listening to WERE 1300 AM, you heard us on the radio!

    We were honored to be interviewed by Dawnette Lounds – Culp on the radio show “Your Family Issues.” Dawnette is the author of The Face of Child Support and is the founder of PRO-YOUTH, INC, a nonprofit organization that is a positive reinforcement on youth.

    We spoke about the topic of hiding debts from your spouse. Despite it being 4:15AM our time, we held together pretty well in the interview. As the show itself deals with family relationships, we were asked on our advice and stories of hidden debt. Dawnette was a very nice and positive host and did a good job of not focusing on the past, but really asking us on how we changed everything for our future.

    We wish Dawnette luck in the future as the host of Your Family Issues.


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