• Frugal Festival Weekend

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    This past weekend we were at a pretty rockin’ music festival, and we managed to do everything on the cheap. Our total net spending on for the festival, food, and drinks totaled $50 for the two of us. Considering that tickets for the whole festival were selling for $45, I think we did pretty well. Here’s the breakdown.

    Tickets – We bought a few extra pairs of tickets and ended up selling them for the cost of the tickets plus the value of our tickets. Total cost: $0.

    Drinks – We were allowed to bring sealed water bottles into the festival so we picked up some water on the way at CVS, and refilled them as the day went on. I also bought a few beers at $4 each. Total cost: $14.

    Food – This is where our spending took a hit. We managed to sneak in a bag of trail mix that staved off the hunger for a little while, but our hungers were no match for the sun, the dancing, and the rock. Food at these festivals are expensive, and there’s no getting around that. Total cost: $36.

    The festival was well worth the total cost of $50. I wonder what the long-term costs of the hearing damage will be! Does anyone else hear that ringing…?


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