• Can You Find Work In A Smaller City?

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    …oh right, we still have a blog. That we need to write stuff in. Yeah.

    Anyway, one of the main reasons we haven’t written is that we’re both pretty busy with our jobs. While we both put in some long hours, if you speak to either one of us we’d happily tell you the there are many more pros than cons about our jobs. I firmly believe that by choosing to live in Chicago we exposed ourselves to the opportunity to work at the best places in the country, even the world.

    I often wonder what our lives would have looked like had we stayed in small college-town USA. Our cost of living would definitely be lower, that’s for sure. J.D. recently had a guest post about relocating to a small city, and followed up with small town personal finances. FMF is a huge advocate of moving to lower to a cheaper city to lower costs.

    In that small college town we lived in, there was an abundance of culture, community, and social groups that fit our every need. The cost of living was cheap, the transportation was acceptable, and everyone was friendly. We often talk about maybe retiring there one day. The only problem with the town is that there aren’t great jobs for us to pursue.

    Her and I are both ambitious people when it comes to our jobs. We both love what we do, and are highly competitive in our respective fields. The jobs that we both hold now have opened many doors for our career in the future. These future opportunities could not have been realized in the town we were at.

    Also, my job in particular is very specialized and tend to be near large urban environments. Thus, no matter how bad I would like to live in a smaller town, the opportunities to do what I’m doing now are virtually non-existent.

    What about your job? Can you work just about anywhere, or are you somehow geographically limited?


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