• When A Friend Has Become A MLM Robot

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    What do you do when a good friend gets sucked into a multi-level marketing scheme (MLM), more commonly known as pyramid schemes?

    Over the past year one of my closest friends has displayed increasingly bizarre behaviors that are totally unlike her. For example, she has been making claims about how much money she is making in the MLM, even though statistically over 99% of participants in that MLM have earned less than $10,000 per year. To boot, this MLM is known for encouraging participants to acquire huge credit card debt in order to purchase products and “move up the ranks.” Last time we went out to eat, her credit card was declined…for a $12 purchase.

    She used to be a complete tomboy, but lately she’s been bragging about the very girly prizes she has won from her MLM participation. This is a girl whose only dress was her wedding dress…but who suddenly has started carrying matching pink luggage with rhinestones on the front.

    This MLM is also known for being almost cult-ish in its religious doctrine. She is from a family of atheists, and until recently, never expressed the slightest interest in religion. Last time I saw her, she had purchased a bracelet with scripture on it.

    Now, carrying debt and bracelets in pink luggage are hardly unusual by themselves. But in this instance, these things are totally out of character for my friend.

    I am afraid she is becoming a MLM robot and is headed for financial ruin. I sent her some literature exposing the dangers of this MLM and never got a reply. What’s a girl to do?


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